Who We Are

QLB is a premium B2B lead generation company backed by strong research capabilities and robust sales experience across global markets. We are a set of passionate business and marketing professionals who believe that they can collaborate and help ambitious organisations to translate their board room objectives to on ground reality.

QLB primarily caters to clients whose focus is selling complex B2B products or services across various industries and product /services categories. Our services include B2B Appointment setting, Demand Generation, Lead Nurturing through Communications & Brand Recognition, Account Based Marketing, Market Research, Database Enrichment.

Our solutions are directed to executives at decision-making tiers: Owners, VPs, Directors and C-level managers. Our core objective is to enable our clients to reach their audience effectively and efficiently; and in doing so help them build their brand image to give them a vantage point for future negotiations.

Our services are strategized and executed by sales veterans to bring you the best customers; the ones that are willing to pay you the highest value for your unique proposition - at the right time. Using a blend of research, probing skills and consultative selling we act as an extension of your sales team, working with you and for you, at all times. Whether it is becoming your preferred demand generation partner, augmenting your inside sales programs to fortifying your on field sales teams or channel partner management efforts, QLB in the true sense is your Strategic Sales Partner.

What Makes Us Different

At QLB we are solely motivated with what you as an organisation really need and what we can do to help you get it. What engagement models will work best, what sales framework will fuel your plans, what type of qualification criteria will yield the best results – all of our efforts have your business organization in the centre. We make it our aim to understand your business, as well as we understand markets

In this process we also find that we help organizations understand themselves better too. In probing clients to understand their targets and goals, we encourage them to think about their solutions, their market, their audience and their approach. This creates a unique win-win situation for our clients, where they get significantly more value than they expected, and we are able to translate our expertise into real results.


Each quarter, your sales team spends 50% of their time pursuing unqualified leads that have no demand for your product or service.

On an average almost half of the leads in your pipeline are not yet ready to buy. But that doesn’t mean they never will.

Getting enough face time with right prospects at the right time is the most important factor to the success of your sales efforts.

Sales Intelligence is probably the single-most powerful tool your organization can invest in.

Almost 1/3rd of the data you have today will become unusable next year.

Your biggest customers need the most of your attention and respect

Our Identity

Our unique and emphatic name is idealized by our logo, which uses elements of Maori art, colours and a vivid imagination to give shape and structure to our philosophy. The spiral at the centre of the Light Bulb is the ‘koru’. In Maori art it symbolises unending creation, growth, positive change and awakening. The Koru and The Bulb together emphasize on the creative ideation process and the emergence of bright ideas for sustainable and inclusive growth. The myriad colours of the mosaic pattern reflect the many challenges and goals of our clients and depict our unwavering focus towards helping you achieve them.

QLB Marketing Insights

Our Team

The team at QLB has extensive experience in sales and marketing across multiple industries and a myriad of product/ service offerings. They are deeply passionate about discovering customer needs and facilitating a synergistic sales experience for both the buyer and seller.

Our Approach

Through our years of experience of working with the sales organisations of various companies we’ve come to realize that 8 out of 10 times there is a clear “qualification gap” in the kind of leads the sales team pursued. This was often identified enough lead time, sometimes even the entire sales cycle, is already lost. There is an undeniable need of having qualified leads in a consistent manner so the sales team can focus on converting rather than prospecting.

That’s why, QLB’s ‘LeadbyLeads’ approach is centered around understanding your business model, competitive advantage and the unique customer needs that you are addressing in order to minimise this qualification gap. With this understanding firmly in place, the LeadbyLeads program follows a solution selling approach where we create a highly customised sales pitch and reach out to prospects through a multi-touch, multi-channel method. This helps us pitch your services and product just like you would giving you the first level of buy-in

QLB aims to adhere and also improve upon the qualifying and segmenting criteria you’ve set up to get to your dream customer base. Throughout the strategizing and execution process, we continuously share insights with you, to help you further refine or re-evaluate these criteria, all with the aim of maximising your ROI, as well as build your brand.

What sets QLB’s approach apart is the emphasis we lay on seamless and integrated branding communication. At every touch-point and through every channel, we aim to build a favourable brand image for you, such that your sales team gets a clear advantage in meetings and more face-time with prospects. This, combined with the expertise of real and seasoned sales professionals ensures QLB is an effective and trusted partner to your organization’s sales team.

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