Lead Nurturing

On an average almost half of the leads in your pipeline are not yet ready to buy

But that doesn’t mean they never will

Making a sale isn’t a one-time activity. Every lead in your sales funnel represents an opportunity that needs to be explored, nurtured and maximised at every stage of the funnel in such a way that maximum leads reach the bottom

By listening to your customer’s needs and communicating with them consistently and meaningfully, lead nurturing ensures you develop trusted relationships with your right leads over time.
But is that as easy as it sounds?


QLB’s Lead Nurturing program provides you with a comprehensive plan of action

That helps you consistently communicate the right message to the right client such that they are educated, and influenced in a way that gives your solutions a vantage point in their minds as they travel down the funnel.

A combination of these messaging tools and the right type of communication ensure your leads are kept informed and interested.

build enduring relationships with customised pitches, relevant content and a personal selling

  • Email programs
  • Newletter
  • Blogging
  • Content Management
  • Online reputation Management
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Engagement Enhancements with Key accounts on SM
  • Account Relationship management programs

QLB Saved me from having to hire a full-time marketing manager. I wanted to venture into the Middle east , could not quite make the decision to invest in the sales team, they came to rescue and until I actually had the first 2 clients, ever since they have been our market testers !

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