B2B Appointment Setting

“Getting enough face time with right prospects at the right time is the most important factor to the success of your sales efforts”

You have a plethora of customers but you need to reach to the right ones. You need to target the ones who are willing to pay you the right value in exchange of the unique value proposition you are here to deliver

And that’s exactly what we help you do

The appointment-setting experts at QLB have years of hands-on experience in gaining face time with prospects with C-level executives, across an array of sectors and for a range of complex B2B solutions. Our efforts are backed by solid research, consultative selling and seasoned probing skills to get your sales team in the right place at the right time

How QLB’s B2B Appointment Setting services help you

Seamless Brand Communication

All of our efforts towards securing face time with your leads are consistently and wholly integrated with your brand identity, brand value and existing marketing plan. We ensure that every step taken throughout the entire process -from the very first call to the actual meeting – creates and portrays a favourable, cohesive and strong identity of your brand that is true to your brand value. This favourably enhances the lead’s interest in your product has been favourably enhanced, and gives your sales team a huge leg up. This branding-integrated approach by QLB is what can give you and your sales team an enormous advantage over your competitors.

More face time for your sales team

We ensure that your team is meeting the right decision maker at the right time, when the client has right intent contributing to a higher probability of executing his buying decision. The leads are shortlisted by criteria spelled by you but rationalised mutually by trying not to overdo the filtering of prospects. Your review of closure starts right from day one of your meeting, thus minimising all the non-productive steps and time.

Your choice of customer

There are a plethora of prospects but not all appreciate your value proposition in way that drives the most value for both the parties in terms of experience, creativity and returns. Our rich experience and cross learning from the myriad industries we work in helps unveil those niche segments which you had not probably explored and get a much deeper penetration in your existing markets.

QLB’s appointment setting services can be customised to suit any type of leads – warm or hot. With a mix of lead nurturing and consistent multi-touch, multi-channel approach, we are able to reach out to leads in the ‘qualification gap’ whose status may be unknown and treat each lead with just the intensity it needs, ripening it with time and extracting the most out of your sales funnel.

Get more face time with prospects that are most likely to close

  • Introduction Meeting
  • Product Demonstration
  • Networking Meeting
  • CXO Meeting
  • Consulting meeting
  • Bespoke Event registration
  • Key stake holder meetings
  • Booth Meetings
  • Webinar Appointments

My experience with QLB is very positive. I am a customer turned investor, The team at QLB knew our business and they were relentless in the pursuit of leads. I highly recommend them.

George Hans

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