Data Enhancement

“Almost 1/3rd of the data you have today will become unusable next year”
The Result ?

Bounced emails, non-existent phone numbers, incomplete addresses and most importantly: not knowing whether a lead is still warm or long gone cold

Without regular cleansing, regurgitation and management of data, your company will simply not have enough leads follow through with

Database enrichment may be considered a routine (read: boring) task, but it is vital to the success of any lead generation campaign. All data is dynamic and it is important to keep it up-to-date if you want your sales team to have ready access to leads and opportunities. In fact with when combined with research and other channels, a current and updated database helps you drive a context-aware marketing campaign which is crucial in delivering the Right Message to the customer at the Right Time and the Right Place

As people change, data too changes, and your business is greatly affected by it

QLB’s Data Enrichment services helps you stay on top of your game (and competitors) by ensuring your data is always fresh, accurate and consistent across all your platforms. Our Data Spa includes

Database De-cluttering

Getting rid of old and obsolete data, as well as unnecessary information

Database Condensation

This includes merging duplicate data, classifying obsolete data, grouping & isolating data appropriately to create an easily searchable database.

Database Verification

Confirming all the data you have personally via phone, mobile or email.

Database Appending

Whether it is a missing postal code, phone number or simply a missing salutation we fill in all the blanks.

Database Maintenance

We understand that the efficiency of your marketing and outreach program, the ROI on your marketing practices and the success of your sales team depends greatly on the availability of the correct data, at the right time. By combining technology and research skills QLB offers you comprehensive, un-cluttered and strategically usable data at your fingertips.

Make sense of your data and make it work for you

  • List building
  • Database audit
  • De-cluttering
  • Condensation
  • Verification
  • Appending

The campaigns were only good as the data we had, obsure markets, XXXX CRM records, we got our way out of the mess with their help. Now we have now done 5000 records with them each time they have surpassed their own performances

Out with the old, in with the new !

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