Demand Generation

“Each quarter, your sales team spends 50% of their time pursuing unqualified leads that have no demand for your product or service - time which should be spent in closing deals”

Your sales team has limited time, energy and resources on their hands. Shouldn’t it be best spent on leads that are qualified, warm and most likely to convert? How can your ensure higher productivity and better results for your sales team ?

The answer is simple

Create consistent and exclusive demand for your products that helps qualify and convert leads faster

Most of the time, there’s a great divide between the customers your business needs, and the leads your sales team is prospecting. This ‘qualification gap’ is a great drain on a business’ sales efforts and ROI. It leads to your sales people pursuing leads that they have no idea will close or not or worse, missing out on leads that would have converted

At QLB, we aim to minimise this qualification gap

QLB specializes in demand generation for complex B2B solutions. Our efforts are targeted to understand your product or service, your niche, your market and your USP so that we are best able to find the right leads for you.

Research-Driven, Customer-Oriented

Our pitch and multi-touch point lead generation strategy is highly customised for each client we work with. With our extensive background in research and sales and using a blend of research skills, probing skills and consultative selling, we are able to find and narrow down for you only qualified leads across various sectors and industries that have a need for your specific product/service. This includes BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Time) qualified leads as well as decision-makers at the C- level.

Multiple Channels, Integrated Communication

QLB’s multi-touch, multi-channel approach uses a mix of conventional and modern media that includes Telemarketing, Email, Social, Web and Mobile to find, generate and tap into leads. Our efforts at lead generation are focussed on creating a coherent, consistent and value-oriented brand identity for you across every channel.

Lead Generation, Value Creation

We personally call and verify every lead we generate, including the cold leads we may obtain from your existing databases. In this process, we also help you refine your qualification criteria, tap into new markets, consolidate old ones, or let go of leads that won’t warm up in your favour.

More importantly, we ensure these leads are available to your sales teams at the right time – when they are most interested and likely to close.

Generate effective and relevant demand for your products that leads to appointments and closures.

  • Contact discovery
  • White paper syndication
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Website Lead Generation
  • Social Media Network building
  • PPC and paid campaigns

We appreciate that QLB enriched the criteria we initially proposed, my sales team started pitching better with their market intelligence and probing. Keep up the good work finding those solid leads!

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