Account Based Marketing

“Your biggest customers need the most of your attention and respect”

Whether existing or prospective, your key accounts are the ones that will bring you your largest revenue. As markets get more and more competitive, and customers get spoilt for choice, you need to find out where the largest source of your revenue is, and how to go about acquiring them

QLB’s Account Based Marketing helps you find the clients

That will bring you the maximum value, and keep them in focus with services


Decision Maker Profiling

People buy from people, and it is extremely important that you know as much as possible about those you’re selling to. Over and above identifying, mapping and profiling decision makers QLB goes the extra mile to give you a qualitative information about your prospects likes, dislikes, interests, inclinations, political and economic biases, personal preferences – all of which help you navigate through the negotiation with ease and with an upper hand. Coupled with their buying techniques and history of buying patterns, our account profiling dossiers put you inside the mind of the buyer, ensuring you make a great connect at the very first meeting.

Sales Intelligence

The first step to convincing prospects is to understand them. This is only possible when you have access to deep, insider information about them. QLB’s Market Intelligence helps you get inside the minds of your clients via-

Organizational mapping
Empower your sales and account manager with highly customized organizational maps that include information on subsidiaries, divisions, key branches and departments as well as hierarchy of prospective clients. With QLB’s whitespace mapping techniques, your sales personnel will be able to create highly tailored penetration plans taking into consideration every key player in the organization

Competitor Analysis & Profiling
Find out who else is in line with you. Knowing what your competitor is offering and where he stands helps you remain one step ahead and also, prepare well in advance for contingencies.

Sales Coaching

Not only do we help you target, strategize and approach important clients with confidence, QLB’s ABP services also include much-needed training and guidance for sales staff on key account closures for a pre-defined period. Through this pre-arranged phase, we provide the necessary hand-holding needed to be able to get a strong foot-hold in understanding and marketing to specific clients that are important to your business.

As business costs rise, thousands of business are fine-tuning and honing their marketing campaigns and strategies with account profiling in order to create robust and highly-targeted account-based marketing plans, discovering new key accounts, saving on costs and securing the future of their business.

Below-the-surface market intelligence to help you meet, acquire, keep and grow large and key accounts

  • White space analysis
  • Account Mapping
  • Competition Profiling
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Marketing Support
  • Key account based marketing campaigns

They worked like our extended inside sales team. Carefully researched and customised social engagement interaction with our key leads, email campaigns chains , interactions and representation in tech groups.

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