The Changing Face of Recruitment Today / Recruitment, Reloaded

The Changing Face of Recruitment Today / Recruitment, Reloaded

In the movie ‘The Intern’ a sexagenarian Robert de Niro responds to a job advert for an internship stsnonline apparel company via a video. While the entire movie is an endearing look at the way workplaces (and especially hiring practices) have changed in the past 30 years, it is also extremely accurate. Technology has replaced and/or renewed almost every aspect of working, and recruiting is not far behind. Globally, recruitment practices have changed drastically – from conducting remote interviews to using chatbots and gamification tools to hone the selection process. While AI-enabled recruitment or machine-learning led training is yet to come to the Indian market in a big way, here’s what recruiters globally are trying out, and how we are catching up too!

In Job Advertising

If Big Tech has its way, companies may no longer need a copywriter to write out an attractive job description. With Augmented Writing Technology, recruiters can create job posts based on empirical data to attract certain types of applicants. Using machine intelligence, apps can now predict what type of aspirants will be attracted to a particular job, helping recruiters tinker and perfect their job description to bring in near-perfect candidates for their companies.

Closer to home, Indian companies are increasingly scouring social media (and not just LinkedIn) to spot talent. New-age recruiters are increasingly favouring Facebook or Youtube over more traditional job portals, looking for influencers, youtubers, bloggers and professional ‘web-preneurs’ to join their workforce. Moreover, thanks to video-calling, more and more interviews are happening online than in-person, cutting the time and costs of the hiring process. 

In Hiring

While video interviews or con-calls have become commonplace, many companies are taking things a few steps ahead, integrating AI into the hiring process, using the most popular AI tool – chatbots – to check, screen and shortlist applicants. NLP-enabled chatbots that are able to learn as they interact with applicants are increasingly used to carry out mundane recon and screening tests with candidates, automating mundane (and yet necessary) information gathering tasks, saving many labour hours and hastening the screening process. Companies are also giving employees a ‘work-life simulation’ experience – letting them see for themselves, virtually, what their average day will be like, working in the organization. This virtual reality innovation is helping recruiters asses in real-time a candidate’s talent and suitability to the organization.

Closer to home, Indian companies are increasingly using cloud-based software, apps and SaaS solutions to onboard new employees, along with, of course, the welcome lunch and the team get-togethers. It won’t be long before we see onboarding mobile apps, or even gamified assessment tools used in the Indian onboarding process.

While the Indian HR scene is still developing when it comes to incorporating innovations, we’re already seeing massive transformations take place in the workplace. From practical daily changes, like remote working, co-working, or flexi-hours to large paradigm shifts like equating pay-gaps and reducing biases, Indian HR is today playing a pivotal role in changing the way offices are run. And we’re extremely glad to be a part of this new inning in the office!


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